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14 nov 2022 - 14 dic 2022


  • 31días
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Welcome to the NOLO Sugar/MO Fitness challenge. The challenge will begin on Nov14th-Dec14th! Be sure to take a before and after pic with a Mastah Tee tank (optional) (PROMO CODE: NOLOMO) $5 off & tag Mastahtee Need support? Don't want to do it alone? Book your consultation via zoom for $2.99 ea session Food or fitness consultation chat. This challenge will have you working your total body. You will not need any equipment for this challenge, so it’s perfect, you can do it anywhere, anytime. However, if you would like to increase the intensity, add free weights or a band around your thighs for the exercises. If it is too challenging for you, use a wall or chair for support. MO FITNESS CHALLENGE: The challenge consists of 11 exercises. You will start slowly completing low reps, working your way up to higher reps. It will challenge you by building muscle strength and endurance. If you are combining this challenge with other workouts it is suggested to avoid exercises that are assigned to you for that day to avoid overuse of those muscle groups. SUGAR CHALLENGE: NO SODA, CHOCOLATE, ICE CREAM, COOKIES, OR CHIPS. NO JUNK! FEWER CARBS, LOW SODIUM & BURNING A MINIMUM OF 1000 CALORIES A DAY. WHAT TO EAT Non-Starchy Vegetables Unsweetened teas & seltzers Spices & Seasonings Nuts & Seeds Lean Meats Avocados Seafood Eggs WHAT NOT TO EAT Starchy Vegetables Baked Goods Fruits & Grains Sweeteners Soda & Alcohol Condiments w/sugar

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